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Wednesday Classes

On Wednesday, lessons are held in three one hour sessions between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.

There are no classes on the last Wednesday of each month, which is Club meeting day.


John Shortland

John Shortland is Wednesday's head tutor and he is able to provide tuition on a wide range of computer subjects. John also leads the Club's Genealogy Interest Group.

Irene Ramsay

Irene Ramsay is a foundation member of the Club. Irene has a comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft Office programs, the Internet and genealogy.

Rose Iacoviello

Rose Iacoviello commenced as a Wednesday student and shortly after accepted an invitation to become a tutor. Rose's range of computer interests include Excel, the Internet and Android tablets.

Teresa Lamberton

Teresa Lamberton commenced as a student on Wednesdays before becoming a tutor. Teresa enjoys sharing her knowledge of computer programs, the Internet and iPads with Seniors.