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Thursday Classes


Geoff Turton

Geoff Turton is Thursday’s Head Tutor. Geoff's computer interests include designing Excel spreadsheets, digital photography and using the Internet. Geoff also conducts short courses in a range of topics, including digital image editing, Gmail and Android and Apple iPad tablet computers.

Lilly O'Brien

Lilly O'Brien is a retired High School teacher who joined the Club as a student in 2011. Shortly after, she volunteered as a tutor to teach basic computer skills and word processing. Lilly's other computer interests now include Apple iPad tablet computers.

Merv Larsson

Mervyn Larsson enjoys assisting people to learn how to use computers.

Maryann Paterson

Maryann Paterson enjoys anything to do with computers, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage, CorelDraw, digital photos and card making.