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President's Report 2018

At The Annual General Meeting on 29th August 2018, the President, Pamela Samuels,delivered her Annual Report as follows:

Good Afternoon and welcome to our 19th Annual General Meeting.

Brenda Eggleton will be our returning officer this afternoon and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Brenda and to say how much we appreciate your continued support and interest in the club. I would also like to thank Georges River Council for the generous support we have received over the past 20 years and the assistance we continue to receive from the Council.

I would also like to thank ASCCA for their support over the years and also OWEN HODGE who have been printing our newsletter for a number of years.

20 years and still going strong.... at the time of writing we have 109 paid up members currently financial to June 2018. We have 60 members not yet renewed. In the past year the waiting list has been significantly reduced and we have accommodated many new students. There are currently 16 on the waiting list.

20 YEAR CELEBRATION: At our May meeting we celebrated 20 years of HSCC‘s service for seniors in the Georges River community. It was a most enjoyable day and thank you to all who contributed to make our 20 year celebration such a successful event. This was certainly a reflection on how we have helped seniors achieve confidence when using computer technology.

ASCCA: In May/June HSCC members together with two other clubs from the ASCCA network participated in an innovative new online program called Digital Discovery. The program developed by Australia Post and Deakin University focuses on seniors building their confidence online. Fifteen of our members took part in the trial and all in all we had fun, while learning at the same time. Learning consisted of two online courses that were designed to help participants build their confidence in navigating the digital world. Areas covered were internet basics, using a web browser, staying safe online, social media and online shopping.

ASCCA COMPETITION: Over past years members have been successful entering the ASCCA annual competitions. However, the number of entrants has dropped considerably in the past couple of years in the Creative Writing and Digital Photography competitions. The long time competition co-ordinator, Joan Craymer, continued to put an enormous amount of time and effort into looking after all the details entailed in running a successful competition. Joan has now retired and because of the considerable time necessary to undertake the role, no-one has been found to continue running the competitions. For these reasons the ASCCA Board has reluctantly decided that the competitions will not be held this year. We only had a couple of entries in the ASCCA Digital Photography competition last year and no prize-winners.

SENIORS FESTIVAL HURSTVILLE. In April this year Georges River Council organised a varied program of activities for the Active Seniors Festival and members of our club were on hand to assist seniors in Learning about hand-held devices. Some of our tutors were on hand to help out.

ST. GEORGE COMMUNITY AWARDS. At the annual St. George Community Awards presentation on Thursday 9th November, Irene Ramsay received a Senior Volunteer Achievement Award from Mark Coure, MP, Member for Oatley. Congratulations to Irene and thank you for your valuable contribution to the club since 1998.

2018 BANKS VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR AWARDS: Hurstville Seniors Computer Club's contribution to the local community was acknowledged at the Annual St George Community Awards on Tuesday 3rd April. Ted Crichton was presented with an award by David Coleman Member for Banks and the Honorary Julie Bishop Minister for Foreign Affairs at a ceremony at Penshurst RSL. This award represents the valuable service Ted has contributed to Hurstville Seniors Computer Club since 2004. Congratulations Ted.

GRANTS. Ted Crichton again submitted another successful application for a Georges River Community Grant. We received the amount of $1485.00. The submission was for funds to upgrade 10 desktop computers with solid state drives. The maintenance and technical teams are now working through the upgrade process. Members should soon be experiencing the superior operating speed of solid state drives over conventional hard disk drives. Thanks Ted!

SPEAKERS: We had an interesting lot of speakers over the past year. Huw and Dominque from Microsoft with a presentation on Getting to Know Windows 10. At our October meeting, Julie Beadie and Michael Spicmans from the Marcs Institute spoke to us about their research in the field of Multisensory Communication. January Uma Chandrasekaran from the Department of Human Services gave us an informative presentation on Accommodation Options in Retirement. In February, Geoff Turton presented a couple of general interest topics. At the March meeting our Vince Blayney talked about Computer Maintenance and Security including what simple steps you can take to keep your computer in good working order and how to avoid becoming a victim of viruses, malware and scams. Riza Veloso was our speaker in June. Riza‘s interest is in music psychology and her research involves investigating how people in the general population respond to music then applying these findings to research involving people with dementia. James Kelly was our speaker for July and James gave an interesting talk on What happens to your social media accounts when you die.

TECHNICAL: Special thanks to Ted Crichton and the Monday technical team at the Annexe and also to the Tuesday Group, Elsie, Rose, Irene, Marilyn and Geoff for dedicating their time in ensuring that all our computers are in good running order. They do a tremendous amount of work on our computers saving the club a substantial amount of money. We really appreciate the extraordinary amount of personal time and effort which is given to carrying out this work.

May I also thank Vince Blayney, who as you know is available by appointment on Monday afternoons in the Annexe to assist members who are having trouble with their computer settings, security or maintenance. Thanks Vince.
Thank you Geoff, we really appreciate all you do for the Club and have done over the years as a Group Leader, Tutor, Technical Helper, Editor of our Newsletter and the excellent finance work as Treasurer and not forgetting Barry Beggs our auditor. Thank you Barry for your time and expertise in auditing the books.

NEWSLETTER: Thank you to Geoff Turton and all those involved in preparing and getting the newsletter out on time, including Sylvia Moores who picks up and folds the newsletter for snail mail. Thank you also to those who have made contributions for the newsletter. Our special interest group leaders, Ted Barnett, Video Editing, Ted Crichton, Technical, John Shortland, Genealogy, Geoff Turton, Digital Imaging and Fred Scott, Web Design and Family Tree Maker. These classes have been running for a number of years and continue to have enthusiastic followings. A big thank you to you all for your involvement in these classes. Irene Ramsay who keeps our office admin up to date. Thank you Irene.

Thank you to those who also set up the hall with technology equipment, putting out the chairs, and also putting them away again, cleaning up the kitchen after meetings, etc.

We have succeeded, over the years to introduce students to the world of computers and now that the basic fundamentals of computers is decreasing we are now concentrating on modern day technology which is changing day by day. So, I would like to thank Marilyn and our amazing tutors who have worked so hard preparing their lessons and keeping up with the many changes in technology. They are very generous with their time, they are very patient and they really are the background of our club.

Thanks to all our wonderful members for their enthusiasm and support and last but no least congratulations to our present Committee who have done an excellent job keeping the Club in the forefront of many other similar organisations.

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