Hurstville Seniors Computer Club
Web Design Links
This is a selection of links which may be useful for those writing their own web page. Please notify the webmaster if any links are found to be in error, or if you know of a link which could be added.

Editpad Lite
A small and compact general-purpose text editor, free for non-commercial use.
Super Notepad
A Notepad replacement with integrated search and replace and much more (shareware)
The HTML Programmer's Notepad plus many useful utilities (shareware)
NoteTab Light
The ultimate free Notepad replacement and a handy HTML editor (free)
Fantastic free program, but not recommended for "dummies" - read "A note about Freeware"
A great complementary editor to any WYSIWYG or full-sized one (shareware)
CoffeeCup HTML Editor
Professional Web site templates built-in, wizards for frames, tables, forms and fonts (shareware)
This HTML editor includes a syntax checker, a code explorer and JavaScript samples (freeware)
WebDwarf 2.5
This combines a word processor, a vector geometry editor, an advanced rendering tool, and an FTP client publisher for HTML and SVG (freeware)
Hot Dog Pro
Free trial (10.6Mb)
FrontPage 2003
Free on-line evaluation
for FrontPage 2000

Full Web Building Tutorials - All Free - very good
HTML Goodies
HTML Code Tutorial
for advanced users

CoffeeCup Free FTP
Drag-and-drop FTP upload and download (freeware)

HTML Validator
A "spell checker" for HTML. Free version available
HTML Validator
On-line validator - very strict rules applied

Brief description of all the HTML tags
HTML 4.0 Reference
Off-line version available
HTML Colours
216 safe colours for the web
Definition of HTML and XHTML by the W3C Consortium
Many web freebies - but only for advanced users