Hurstville Seniors Computer Club

This is a small selection of useful freeware and shareware programs which can be downloaded from the internet. Freeware is, as the name suggests, completely free. Shareware can be used for a limited time (typically 30 days) for evaluation purposes, after which time the program must be purchased.
Please notify the webmaster if any links are found to be in error, or if you know of a link which could be added.

Winzip: A program for unzipping compressed files
A range of free software
A very wide range of programs
Eraser - completely wipes off sensitive data from a hard disk
Karen's Power Tools - a range of utilities
Burner software, every bit as good as the commercial applications
Belarc Advisor - gives you all the information about your computer. highly recommended
cCleaner tidies up your computer
A versative magnifying glass for your desktop
CutePDF - a handy program to convert files to 'pdf' format
Adobe Acrobat reader for reading files in "pdf" format
Defragging program. Not suitable for Win 2000
Convert any file (documents, graphics, music) to another format online
Free and versatile backup utility that is very easy to use

Firewall program which controls what traffic can enter the computer (free)
Check the security of your computer - highly recommended
Ad-Aware spyware remover
Spybot - Search & Destroy also removes spyware from your computer
Firefox - an alternative browser and email program with enhancements like popup blockers etc
Opera - another popular browser
There is a great dial-up connection sharing server here among others
AVG antivirus program (free)
Avast antivirus program (free)
This program blocks spy adverts etc
This site will monitor changes on a website and email you when there are updates

Registry optimiser and backup utility. Much better than what is supplied with Windows, but read the file "readme.txt"
Microsoft virtual PC. Operating systems can be loaded as files on WinXP. Great program for anyone wishing to practice on the operating systems or training others.

IrfanView - an excellent graphics viewer
Picasa - free image cataloguing program - highly recommended

PaintShop Pro 5 Tips & Tricks
PaintShop Pro 6 Tutorials
Corel PaintShop Tutorials
PaintShop Pro X4 Video Tutorials

OpenOffice - free replacement for Microsoft Office
SoftMaker Office - another free word processor and spreadsheet
Kingsoft Office - an inexpensive alternative for Microsoft documents
Free business and office software