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Zone Alarm
(A lesson from the Internet Class)
How did you go with GRC's site I gave you last month? Did you check both your Ports and your Shields? Did it give your PC a clean Bill of Health, or did it detect it to have open Ports and named your precious darling?

All computers have a so-called name, by which they can be identified when travelling in the ETHERNET. This "Handle" consists of; yes you guessed it, a bunch of digits. It is a unique ID and could look like this: or Having installed ZONE ALARM and using it every time you are on the NET, you might get a message flashed onto your screen saying: Do you allow "Real Player, Microsoft Windows or some other unknown entity, to enter your PC? The choice is yours. You naturally refuse (Tick NO) any dubious intruders. You can also record the ID of the sniffer and send it to Zone Alarm, who could, if they so decide, FLAME the offender.

To save you from answering Zone Alarm's warnings you should program it to recognise the "GOODIES". You can do this by right clicking on the icon ZONE ALARM placed on your system tray. Up pops its menu. Select "Restore Zone Alarm Control Center" (Displayed in bold) click on Programs and go to it. It is very user friendly. By choosing the ones you want, Zone Alarm will automatically let these access your PC, without bothering to ask you for permission.

Did you have a look at OPT OUT as well? Same SITE a different page. It explains about SPYWARE and Internet BACKCHANNEL. Fascinating reading on these pages. Gives you an insight of how much does go on behind the scene in your PC. There are a lot more similar programs to be had, besides the one I am using. This one being absolutely FREE . I cannot see why I should spend money on similar programs.

........................ The Surfer     

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