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Email Stationery
(A lesson from the Internet Class)
Going along the MENU BAR of Outlook Express the next item is MESSAGE. Here we find the following items in the DROP-DOWN-MENU.

1. New Message

2. New Message Using  By selecting (highlighting) same, we will find other options to decorate our epistle with. This can be from Holiday Letter to Party Invitation, if that is not enough, click on: SELECT STATIONERY. Here you'll find a great variety. By selecting the one you fancy will place it in the FILE NAME. You will also notice your selection being displayed in the right hand side, or PREVIEW pane, provided you ticked the little box called: SHOW PREVIEW, next to the OK button. Furthermore you can create your own, if you are artistic. I just stick to the simple things, provided gratis by Uncle Bill.

The last offering is WEB PAGE. You'd have to be very keen to send a URL per E-mail. (There is a simpler way to send a URL when you have a WEB PAGE up.)

Going back to the DROP DOWN MENU in MESSAGE, we come to the last item, namely: SET PRIORITY. There are three options here:-

High      Normal      Low

By selecting HIGH, you will notice a message on top of your mail in yellow background, starting with a red exclamation mark, saying: This Message is High Priority. There will be a note in the recipient's IN BOX in front of this message informing him/her that that particular message is important & it needs be opened as soon as possible.

Normal is the usual mode employed as a general rule.

Low is exactly what it means. No hurry, open it when it is convenient.(?) You will have a message on top similar to HIGH PRIORITY, saying: This Message is Low Priority. Mind you, I have never sent anything in LOW. There is a note in the recipient's IN BOX however, telling him/her that this message delivered is Low Priority, not very important. The next item on the MENU BAR is the good old HELP icon. What would we do without it? Always there, helpful, patient all the time. Then again I do not have to tell you about it. You use it all the time! Or do you?

........................ The Surfer     

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