Hurstville Seniors Computer Club
(A lesson from the Internet Class)
In the Ethernet, just like in the real world, there are a lot of people who like to be destructive, as well as thieves, destroying other's property, stealing someone else's hard earned, saved money. In our physical world we call them criminals. In computer terminology they are HACKERS.

There are a lot of safeguards available to fight these HACKERS. Software manufacturers sell very effective programs against both virus infections, as well as so called SNIFFERS trying to get into your computer to obtain your precious, private data. For protection against sniffers you need a FIREWALL and there is a free one on the internet for download at

Antivirus is not only a must for people using the Net; it is also a very important tool against infection when using an unknown floppy by inserting it into your Floppy Drive. It happened to me just recently when I opened a brand new packet of floppies. Luckily, as is my strict custom, I scanned it first. Would you believe it? It had a virus in it. Similar to having food and medication packages poisoned by unscrupulous morons.)

There are a number of good, efficient Virus Protectors available, such as Norton, Vet 98 and a host of others. What price can you put on the hard work you have done all those hours, to have it wiped out by some unknown vandal? It is also very important to have your Antivirus program updated, as they are sent out by the relevant manufacturers to combat new viruses.

These are called "PATCHES" (Not unlike my mother used to do to my shorts after climbing trees, when I was a kid.) Do make it a habit to scan all the unknown floppies before putting them into your Floppy Drive. I always make sure this is done when people use the club computers. You can imagine the damage it could cause our PCs. It would send the Technical Group into a spin. FIREWALL will be my next subject in September.

........................ The Surfer   

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