Hurstville Seniors Computer Club
(A lesson from the Internet Class)
This time we are going to have a look at the other interesting parts of "Outlook Express"

In "FORMAT " we have "PLAIN TEXT" Here we loose all our wonderful decorating tools. (Some ISPs only let you use this mode, because they restrict the amount of kilobytes you are permitted to send or receive.) These ISPS are mostly free, and as we know there is no free lunch.

Underneath "PLAIN TEXT" is "APPLY STATIONERY ". By left clicking on this we come to a "DROP-DOWN MENU" with seven different titles. Under these there are two more options. Namely: "MORE STATIONERY" and "NO STATIONERY"

The last part of the "FORMAT MENU" is normally not ticked, as we seldom send pictures. Moving along the top of our Masterpiece we find "TOOLS". Here we can find more useful equipment. The first one is "SPELLNG" (You'll notice F7 behind it. This is a short cut. Instead of reaching out for the "MOUSE" you press the "FUNCTION KEY, F7" These keys are on the very top of your "KEYBOARD")

Next one down is "REQUEST READ RECEIPT", in case you want to find out the person you sent mail to has received and opened it. "CHECK NAMES" shows you the persons with the same name.

"SELECT RECEIPIENTS" will open your "ADDRESS BOOK" From here you can select any amount of addresses for multiple mailing. Simply select the address on the left-hand side and hit the "TO" "CC " "BCC"(Carbon Copy) or "BCC" (Blank Carbon Copy) on the right hand side.

It is a good idea to choose one "TO", the rest can be put into "CC" or "BCC". After you selected all the addresses do not forget to click OK on the bottom of your "ADDRESS BOOK" otherwise OE will not transfer them onto your masterpiece.

Next on down is "ADDRESS BOOK" or "Ctrl+Alt+B" (A three fingers job) The last two are, "ENCRYPT" and "DIGITALLY SIGN" I will not go into these at the present. Not many people use these.

........................ The Surfer     

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