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The InBox
(A lesson from the Internet Class)
You can organise your incoming mail (INBOX) in lots of different ways to suit your requirements.

Open OE, click on View. In the dropdown menu point to SORT BY. A smaller panel appears with six choices with two variations in the lower part of the same panel. I use RECEIVED. I also like to read my most recent mail always on top. I also choose SORT ASCENDING. This is the way I like it. You arrange it the way you prefer. Whilst you are browsing in the VIEW go to LAYOUT, in the panel appearing tick TOOLBAR. The toggle CUSTOMISE TOOLBAR becomes immediately active. Here you can choose all the nick nacks you wish to display in OE. Click on the toggle. A two-sided panel appears with icons. By selecting the desired icon on the left side the ADD button becomes active. By clicking on this you will transfer your choice to the right side, then CLOSE it, or before you do that have a look at the two options on the bottom of this useful panel. Take your pick. The same procedure applies for the right hand (REMOVE) panel. Do not forget to click on APPLY and OK otherwise all your hard work will go down the drain.

If you want to send your e-mails written in correct, precise grammar OE can do it for you. In OE start with TOOLS/OPTIONS. In the drop-down menu click on SPELLING. Here tick on the desired options. I have them all selected. This is also the place where you can get rid of (Edit) any of the words - mostly Strine in my case - that you have told your spellchecker to remember. Simply click on EDIT DICTIONARY, then OK. Your entire stored weird and wonderful vocabulary will appear in strict alphabetical order for you to deal with.

It is always a good idea after having done alterations in you PC to close everything down and REBOOT your computer. This will make it absorb and sort out the new commands given to it.

........................ The Surfer     

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