Hurstville Seniors Computer Club
(A lesson from the Internet Class)
So you have found a fantastic site whilst you were surfing the Net. Your grandkids have shown you a new site on Harry Potter, or the Exterminator XXXX. You want to let your friends know the exact address (Universal Resource Locator) of these exciting pages. You have written these down to be included in your next e-mail to all of your friends and friends' friends. Naturally you will be using Blind Carbon Copy, to prevent broadcasting your friends' precious e-mail addresses falling into unwanted hands.

There is an easier way to do it, and this is how it is done.
1. ....With your site in full view (Opened) select the icon called "MAIL" in the "TOOLBAR"

2. ....Click on the "ARROW" pointing downwards on the right hand side of the mail icon. This will disclose a dropdown- menu consisting of : Read mail; New message; Send link; Send page; Read News.

3. ....Scroll down to "Send link" and left click on it. Shortly you should see an automatically created new e-mail, complete with the URL's shortcut sitting in the attachment bar. It also has the extension and the size in kilobytes displayed. Simply fill in the name(s) of the recipient(s) in the appropriate headings. In case of multiple mailing I use my hotmail address as the main recipient in the "TO" header.

4. ....If you really want to do a good job, you should include the URL in the text. You can do this by copying the URL in the "ADDRESS BAR" of that particular site. Right click (in the Address Bar!), copy, go to the text of your e-mail, right click, and then paste. Type in whatever else you want to say and send it away.

To simplify things it is best to take a copy of the "ADDRESS BAR" first. Now go to "MAIL" etc.
You can not find the icon? It is there. You just have to make it appear! As with most things you should use the "VIEW" facility in your browser. Not unlike the other programs in Windows!

Click on View>TOOLBARS>CUSTOMISE, there is a two sided toolbar displayed here. Highlight the missing icon, in this case "MAIL" in the left pane, click on ADD, then close. Your desired icon will appear with your other displayed icons. Use reverse to get rid of unwanted or seldom used icons.

........................ The Surfer     

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