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(A lesson from the Internet Class)
We certainly have heard a lot of bad news last month about virus activities. Seems like the creators of these bugs are getting madder and meaner. My AV (Antivirus) people are putting out warnings and manufacturing serums (Virus patches, or updates) just about every day. In one instance even twice in a single day.

Therefore, it is not only important to have a virus protection installed in your PC, but also to have it updated every time you are connected to the NET. Some programs do it automatically; others have to be set to do so, yet some have to be done manually. Check out how your AV program is working. If you are not sure you can always go to "HELP" (F1).

It goes without saying you should also have the latest version of Lavasoft/Spybot or whatever free spy-detector you are running. ZoneAlarm has released a new version just recently.

If you are confused about so called WAREs you hear about, here is a simple explanation: FREEWARE, ADAWARE and SHAREWARE are software or computer programs that can be had on the Internet. FREE is naturally free. Some will ask you for donations. It is not compulsory to make payments. These are naturally the basic editions. Should you wish to have the deluxe version you have to fork out money for it. (MailWasher, ZoneAlarm, etc). SHAREWARE is software that lets you use it for a limited time for free. Usually about 30 days or, certain amount of access. This enables you to evaluate the program without having to pay for it, only to find out it does not come up to your expectations, and you have forked out money for something you have no use for.

ADAWARE is mostly in conjunction with FREEWARE. This software displays ads to pay for its development and other expenses. (Webhosting, Domain name, etc.). It is bundled with ad-delivering components. These ads poke you in the eyes while you are using them. Some are extremely persistent. They keep coming back, no matter how many times you got rid of them! All of them (ADAWAREs) use SPYWAREs!

Spywares are components placed in you Temporary Internet Files that return information about your computer usage back to the developers of the software, who sell the information gathered to interested markets. You'd be amazed how many low risk gatherers there are. If you have Lavasoft, have a look in results to view Temporary Internet files that were planted in your PC without your knowledge.

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