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(A lesson from the Internet Class)
Once more we can see the practical, everyday use of INTERNET TECHNOLOGY (IT).

Hurstville City Council, who gave us our free, cosy, fully climate controlled Club Room, has a fantastic WEBSITE at Here we can have a look at all things concerning this thriving community. We can browse lots of wonderful pages, including: Council, Community Directory, Childcare, Library Museum & Gallery, Leisure, Schools, Restaurants and Cafes, Transport, Airlines, as well as Central Sydney Activities.

No need to go to Council Chambers during office hours, waiting in queues. Make appointments to see certain people. Inquire in person regards any number of applications. Council, as well as Councillors can be contacted by E-mail. Addresses can be found under COUNCIL.

There are quite a number of useful and interesting links to be seen, including the Hurstville Historical Photo Gallery. Here the search is by: People, Subject, Date and people. The first period goes back to 1788-1889. Job vacancies are also advertised under Positions Vacant.

On Saturday, 1st of September 2001 the new Library was officially opened. This also heralded a new innovations to Council's up to date Management. This modern facility, situated on the corner of Queens Road and Dora Streets, is also ON LINE for NETIZENS. The library museum gallery page at is a good place to explore the facilities of the library and the museum.

There are excellent pages under the headings of: Library Catalogue, for searching, by author, title, or word. Hurstville Historical Photo Gallery is the same as the one on Council's home page. In Members Zone, library members may check on their loans and reservations, and renew items on line. The "Internet Reference Library" is a web directory, with links to hundreds of sites. It is a marvellous experience to search for a book from your PC, to find out how many copies there are, how many are on the shelf, how many on loan and what date they are due back. To be able to use Members Zone one has to ring 9330-6111 quote one's library card number and select a password. It is great fun to browse these first class sites.

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