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Understanding Cookies
(A lesson from the Internet Class)
I hope all your cookies are well and safe in their respective jars. There are some excellent articles on the Net, as well as MSIE (Microsoft Internet Explorer). Instead of me wasting your time in explaining -sometimes duplicating- things, why don't you do it yourself. You can use your favourite SEARCH ENGINE - in my case GOOGLE- type in COOKIES and see what happens. It took GOOGLE 0.24 seconds to find 1,510 sites at my first attempt. I closed my enquires and immediately made a second search. The result was astonishing! 12,000,000 found in 0.14 seconds.

This not only proves GOOGLE as a superior SEARCH ENGINE, but also the importance of COOKIES. Yes, you have guessed it! It had all the previous COOKIES in my corn pewter's TEMPORARY INTERNET directory, to assist in the speedy capture and download of the requested information.

Another very simple and efficient way to make you acquainted with COOKIES and their importance without having to pay for it (OFFLINE) is to Click on HELP in Interent Explorer (IE) -irrespective what version you are running [version 6 is quite good, now that most of the bugs have been fixed] then go to "Contents and Index" in the drop down menu select the TAB "Search". Here you type in COOKIES, then click on "List Topics" A number of selections will be displayed in alphabetical (How else?) order. Once more select (Highlight) the subject you are interested in. In our case "Understanding or Deleting Cookies" You can either double click on your selection, or select it, hit the "Display" toggle on the bottom right corner. You'll find all COOKIES highlighted in the right hand pane. There are also six boxes with + signs. By pointing your curser onto any of these, you'll uncover the hidden text that relates to your particular query.

Another way to search for COOKIES is to go to HELP in IE, then in "Contents and Index" click on the tab called "INDEX". Here you type in COOKIE. Did you see how smartly all relevant topics of COOKIES have been displayed? By the way, did you notice the TOOL BAR Mr. Gates has provided at no extra cost? They are sitting at the very top, for you not only to admire, but also to look into. They are very all very good, useful accessories to help you in customising your search. It even has a PRINT command hidden in OPTIONS.

My URL of the month is It is self explanatory, once you find it. There is an absolutely FREE version of it. This makes it very attractive to me. Once you have decided to put something in your FAVOURITES (bookmark it) you can view this by ticking the box "MAKE AVAILABLE OFF LINE".

........................ The Surfer     

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