Hurstville Seniors Computer Club
(A lesson from the Internet Class)
Instead of all the doom and gloom of recent and not so recent virus alerts, be they legitimate or just plain, stupid hoax, I thought we might touch on something a bit more pleasant.

Have you ever wondered how to organise all those favourite URLs you have collected and stored in your PC's Internet Explorer? All those folders sitting on the left-hand side of your Home Page. I dare say you did put them in likely sounding folders, such as "NSW GOV" for state government related sites. "TIMETABLES" for trains/buses/ferries. "COUNCILS" et cetera. I have one for "COMPUTER STUFF", "FREEBIES" 39 all told. (I just had a look) You, just like all the serious PC users, keep everything in a nice, simple, easy to reach, ready to understand alphabetical order.

How do you achieve this? How can you make all those folders and their content line up for easy access? If you have used any kind of word -processing, no doubt you have come across drag and drop. Yes, you can do this. Be careful however -just like in normal drag and drop- that you do not, accidentally, place things in the wrong place.

There is a much more precise and direct way of achieving your sorting of "FAVOURITES' or as they are sometimes called "BOOKMARKS". Left click on FAVORITES (Not the icon, but the one sitting between VIEW and TOOLS) In the drop-down menu, come down to your first folder. This is below the line under "ORGANISE FAVORITES" Right click on this to reveal about 13 options. Navigate to the one marked "SORT BY NAME" Left click on this, and hey presto! Everything is neatly stashed away. Whilst you have the "FAVOURITES" in front of you, lightly run your mouse pointer down the list of FOLDERS. See how they open up when the pointer touches them, revealing the contents -even the SUBFOLDERS if any- for your inspection and approval. As a treat, you should now reboot your PC.

Make yourself a Cuppa, Bundy, Glenlivet, Fosters, XXXX, or whatever you fancy. By the time you've finished your drink, your FAVORITES will be at your service.

A good site to look at is I know it is German, but it is not that hard to follow. And it is FREE. The original is actually in English, but NOT FREE

Don't like the German instructions? There is a free translator you can use at Do not expect it to do complicated things, but it should serve the purpose.

........................ The Surfer     

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