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(A lesson from the Internet Class)
A host of very clever, brilliant, albeit malicious and unscrupulous HACKERS can get access to our PCs. This is done by the so-called method of SNIFFING our PORTS. They (HACKERS) attack via the MODEM, thus gaining entry.

We have previously discussed the importance of having an effective VIRUS PROTECTOR for our PC. Not only can our pride and joy be infected with various malign and destructive bugs through E-MAIL , or inserting unvetted floppies into the A:DRIVE, but also via the INTERNET.

When our MODEM is connected to our ISP it not only serves as a receiving tool to collect information from the selected SERVERS but can also be used as an unsuspected device to get into our PCs. I mean literally invade, ransack, copy, alter, and steal our most private data, including our INTERNET BANKING, or any other sensitive information we have stored for our eyes and use only.

These attacks are certainly manifold if we are using CABLE or ASDL, even though these connections are safeguarded and monitored by the PROVIDERS. Therefore it is most IMPORTANT to have protection against these vandals. There are quite a number of these programs available. Some are commercial, others are FREE, and can be DOWNLOADED from the INTERNET. I use a free program called: ZONEALARM. This is also installed on the gateway server at the club. (Must be OK if it meets with JC's approval.) The URL is: To test our vulnerability we should go where we can ask to have our PORTS examined and probed by this free and excellent program.

By the way, if you have problems deciphering some of the jargon, have a look at:

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