Hurstville Seniors Computer Club
Address Book
(A lesson from the Internet Class)
Now that we know how to create an E-mail, how to select the many different kinds, shapes, colours and sizes of letters (FONTS), how to attach important documents, as well as our favourite MIL's (Mother In Law) IMAGE, and how to send them as well, there are still a mind boggling amount of options to discover.

Some are useful - downright essential, others are only for the really dedicated, perfectionist NUTS (like yours truly). I would say the most important feature on the Menu Bar of OE is the ADDRESS BOOK.

I placed a short-cut on my TASK BAR for easy access, no matter whatever work I happen to be doing, even at this moment. The shape of the icon, strangely enough, resembles a book with an open page. By simply left clicking on this you will have all the names you have entered in this so-called WAB. (Windows' Address Book) By clicking on NEW you will see the OPTIONS in the DROPDOWN Menu:-

1. New contact
2. New Group

New Contact is where you put in your youngest granddaughter's friend's details, if any. Under other headings you can store all the details you can worm out of her/them, including d.o.b. Phone No. Employment??? Etc.

Go ahead, do click on all the other headings (titles) provided by Uncle Bill(Gates).

A New Group. e.g. Hurstville Seniors Computer Club Inc. members. You can pick out names from your WAB by clicking on the TAB SELECT MEMBERS. Select (highlight) the desired name in the left pane, then left click on the TAB marked: Select-> and presto the address will be transferred to to the right-side pane for you to use, next time you want to multiple mail. Oh by the way, do not forget to tell your PC you want it to remember these instructions! Left click on the TAB OK on the bottom of the page. You'll find the exact amount of people listed in that particular group, you can access all the details (same as in the original WAB). You can create as many groups as you like. Happy E-MAILING

........................ The Surfer     

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