Hurstville Seniors Computer Club
(A lesson from the Internet Class)
Having run Ad-aware after your INTERNET excursion, you could possibly have any amount "COCKROACHES" (Well, the little, red bug looks like one of those creatures. Does it not?) Last time I ran the program I was unlucky to have five of the blighters.

In the "SCAN COMPLETE" window I found:- 33 RUNNING PROCESSES, 5 OBJECTS RECOGNISED, 0 OBJECTS IGNORED, and 5 NEW OBJECTS with the blinking "COCKROACH" Here you are given two options. "SHOW LOGFILE" (Do have a peek if you are interested) or "NEXT' with a right arrow. Click on "NEXT" to reveal all your hidden "SPY FILES".

Maximise your "SCANNING RESULT" window to see all the relevant data Ad-aware found in your PC. You should find 6 headings: 1. "Obj." with a little square under it, (To put a tick in it later on) 2. "VENDOR" (Yes they actually sell the collected information!!!) 3. "TYPE" (These are invariably small temporary files in your "C" drive.) 4. "Category", such as "DATA MINER" 5. OBJECT" (The actual cookie). 6."COMMENT" (For example: RedSherriff Tracking Cookie) Right click on any of these "OBJECTS" to get a DROPDOWN MENU of 15 choices where you can examine the "BUG" The first option reads: Item details. Not only does this give you all the low-down on the culprit, including: Size, Location, Last Activity, Risk Level, and Description, but it also provides you with a handy gadget called "To Clipboard" I used to write down all these undesirables to be put in IE to prevent re-entry. Nowadays I use the handy "CLIPBOARD".

This is how it is done:- After loading to "CLIPBOARD" open INTERNET EXPLORER>TOOLS>INTERNET OPTIONS>Select the tab "SECURITY". Highlight the icon that looks like a stop sign, by the name of "RESTRICTED SITES". It will jump out of its resting-place with an active button to its right, SITES. Left click on it to get a window. This will let you add or remove things. As you already have your clipboard loaded, simply right click in the empty space under the heading: Add this Web site to the zone, then paste. You'll find the "ADD" button now to be activated. Left click on it to finish the operation. Close all, the usual way. Go back to Ad-aware now; tick the box of your selection. Click on NEXT. It will ask you if it is OK to remove selected OBJECTS. Your move. The next time you use Ad-aware, you'll have its statistics on the opening page.

........................ The Surfer     

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